Our Current Equipment Includes


Hartridge Toledo HEUI MASTER​

Unlike other methods of measuring injector response time which only monitor electrical signals to determine solenoid actuation, Hartridge Toledo HEUI MASTER measures the Full Event Response Time (FERT). FERT testing gives us a complete view of the response time of the injector from electrical activation to the injection event. Using Hartridge Toledo HEUI MASTER test plans FERT has the advantage of helping to identify a fault that would otherwise be left undiagnosed, despite fuel delivery tests being within limits.


ESP 205 BOSHC can test both conventional injection nozzles and common-rail injectors for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The universal clamping system and the injection chamber that can be used for all CRI/CRIN tests reduce setup times and facilitate quick and easy working. The EPS 205 can now also test injectors with an injection pressure of more than 1800 bar. For the testing of Piezo injectors, new test steps have been integrated in the automated process including injector start behaviour and injector voltage adjustment.



DISTINCT CAM BOX UTS1004 has variable stroke height which allows testing all unit injectors or unit pumps with precision. Exquisite precision in testing start of injection parameter is known to be one of the critical parameters to check and set when repairing. UTS1004 precisely measures start of injection time to avoid suprises when assembled on the engine. Dual Solenoid and Piezo unit injectors are welcome UTS1004 just like its predecessor; can test Piezo and dual solenoid (4pin) unit injectors.


Fast and ACCURATE MEASUREMENT SYSTEM CMS Measuring system shows instantaneous delivery and return results, up to 1000mm3 per injection flow rate. Automatic Testing TK1026.03 does not need any attendance during testing. Test procedure is conducted automatically and a summary test report is displayed on the screen when testing is finished.



This machine is a long-life balancing machine that is incredibly accurate, efficient and user friendly.

CIMAT has developed an energy-saving adapter system for its VSR machines, which consists of a plate and a sleeve – plate fixes a bearing housing of a core to the machine and a sleeve drives a turbine wheel with compressed air. 



TK1024 INJECTESTER HEUI is redesigned with respect to the developments in HEUI technology. Computerized controls present the flexibility to adapt to all these changes and possible changes in future. Accuracy in HEUI testing highly depends on effective temperature control and injector drive technology. TK1024 has now better temperature control and minimized need for cooling water.



HEAVY DUTY COMMON RAIL INJECTOR TEST STAND MTU 4000 – 2000 series engines are equipped with Common Rail Injectors. These engines are varying between 2700 Kw to 3400 Kw and either 12, 16 or 20 cylinders. The common rail injectors are L’Orange and Bosch Injectors. TK1029 injectester CRH is designed for testing high pressure and high volume injectors. Its metering capacity is up to 2000 mm3/stroke. Latest design metering system incorporates a sophisticated cooling system to be able to test these type of heavy duty injectors successfully. Additionally, TK1029 injectester CRH is capable to test all injectors for passenger car, light commercial and of course truck engines. There are more than 500 test plans in its database and being updated periodically.

WCB - 30

The design of every TURBOCHARGER has a specific ACCURACY of BALANCING in each rotor assembly. Therefore, these must be inspected and balanced to confirm the ROLLING TOLERANCE.

The model WCB-30 allows to determine the quantity and location of the imbalance, as well as to make the proper corrections and to develop in a precise way the BALANCING of each rotor assembly for its assembly.



The BOQX is a powerful desktop laser marking system with features that make it versatile, such as its focus finder tool that allows for height adjustment. We can mark each injector we rebuilt thus allowing the traceability of the injectors.